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Everything you need to know about IPL hair removal. IPL is the acronym for INTENSE PULSED LIGHT. It has many benefits and can be used on both men and women..
This is a safe, popular and pain free treatment to reduce and stop hair growth anywhere on your body. Our therapists are fully trained, certified, licensed and insured to carry out all of the professional hair removal and face treatments. Including treatments to reduce acne, scarring, wrinkles, age spots and skin rejuvenation etc. Carried out in a non invasive way, in a private warm relaxing atmosphere. Contact us for a free consultation and to take advantage of our special offers.

How does it work? (IT DOES NOT HURT)
Using our Elite new high tech machine, a light is passed across the skin delivering a spectrum of light which targets the melanin, The light travels through the skin until it strikes the hair root/bulb. This is where the highest concentration of melanin is located. As the light is absorbed the bulb and hair are heated destroying the papilla which produces the hair.

IPL takes on average 6 sessions, sessions lasting 15-60 minutes to get rid of 70% of hair permanently
depending on the area, results will be seen immediately and after several sessions virtually hair free.

This procedure is completely safe and does not contain UVA, UVB light rays.

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